eucip_logoAppropriately functioning ICT systems are crucial for social and economic development. The EUCIP (European Certification of Informatics Professionals) certification programme is a professional certification and competency development scheme, aimed at informatics professionals and practitioners. It consists of a core certification as well as specialised certifications for a range of competences which are set out in an array of job-specific profiles. In addition, there is a standalone certification for IT Administrators.

The overall goals of the EUCIP programme are to:

  • define an industry-driven vocational structure and standards for the informatics profession
  • establish a sustainable European services network for informatics competence development
  • contribute to closing the ICT professional skills gap in Europe
  • offer a vehicle for life-long learning and competency enhancement for the ICT profession

EUCIP Version 3

The EUCIP certification programme is continually revised and updated to reflect rapidly changing technologies and practices in the ICT industry. EUCIP is moving to Version 3 to better meet the needs of those working within the ICT sector.

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