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europe_CEPISCEPIS is the representative body of national informatics associations throughout greater Europe. CEPIS' main aim is to promote the development of the information society in Europe. It achieves this by focusing its efforts on a number of areas that are of particular interest to its members. Read more about CEPIS activities

Established in 1989 by 9 European informatics societies, CEPIS has since grown to represent over 450,000 ICT and informatics professionals in 32 countries. The first area of focus for CEPIS is to be a leading organisation in the promotion and development of IT skills across Europe. CEPIS is responsible for the highly successful ECDL programme and produces a range of research and publications in the area of skills.


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As a professional body, CEPIS is actively involved in promoting Professionalism in IT practice amongst its members. This occurs through regular Europe-wide events and specific publications.

Education & Research forms the third main area of focus to which CEPIS is committed.  CEPIS continues to highlight the importance of structured investment in education and research across Europe as it plays a critical role in the advancement of society and the greater European economy.

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