History of UPGRADE

Cover pageIn 1999, CEPIS identified the need for a wider network of information sharing amongst informatics societies in Europe. At the time, CEPIS consisted of approximately 30 Member Societies, and the Executive Committee felt that with such a broad European base, CEPIS would be able to meet this requirement.

A Product Task Force (PTF) was set up, led by Dr. Wolffried Stucky, Vice President of CEPIS. Francois Louis Nicolet, a Task Force member, suggested that a publication may be an appropriate solution.  

After  some research and reflection, the  PTF concluded that there was a need for a pan-European non-commercial publication for IT professionals and academics which was produced in Europe by Europeans, and that CEPIS therefore would be the perfect organisation to produce such a publication. The decision was taken to name this publication UPGRADE.  

The CEPIS Executive Committee decided that the UPGRADE journal should initially be edited in cooperation with an existing journal of a CEPIS Member Society. Furthermore the publication had to be in electronic format .   

In 2000, it was agreed that the Spanish Member Society, Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (ATI), would provide editorial and administrative support for UPGRADE.  Finally in 2003, during the 30th CEPIS Council meeting in Dublin, UPGRADE was promoted to a permanent CEPIS service.

The UPgrade European NETwork sub-section became a permanent feature of the journal in 2003 in order to facilitate a more inclusive pan-European approach. The main purpose of this network is to accumulate the wealth of knowledge and experience from different CEPIS Member Society publications and make it accessible to informatics professionals and academics, around the world.

Over the last ten years UPGRADE has gone from strength to strength, gaining popularity in Europe and providing  visibility for the topics at the heart of  many ICT communities in Europe; because of this it remain true to its intention of being  as the European Journal for the Informatics Professional.

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