Issue I

cover I 2005

XML Today

Volume: 2005, No.I

Date: February 2005

Guest Editors: Carlos Delgado-Kloos and Charles McCathieNevile

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XML Today

In the previous monograph we mentioned that a search on Amazon for books about XML gave 359 hits; in November 2004 the same search produced more than 5,000 hits. And if we take Google as a gauge how important something is, entering the term XML will produce today 120,000,000 pages (while for SGML, Standard Generalized Markup Language, and Fortran we ‘only’ get around 5,000,000 pages). We can say without fear of contradiction that XML has had a major impact in the last few years and will continue to do so.

So, is there any point in producing another monograph about XML at this stage in the game? Or should we be writing monographs on more specific subjects, such as Web services, the semantic Web, etc.? While a monograph on the latter subject would make a lot of sense (and, in fact, Novática and UPGRADE are planning to devote a monograph to the semantic Web this year), it is still a useful and interesting exercise to take a general look at some of the fundamental aspects of XML. XML is a relatively recent technology, in spite of the fact that time seems to run faster in the Internet era, and there is still scope for it to evolve and mature.

Moving ahead, below we present the articles making up this monograph, grouped according to their subject matter.

The UPgrade European NETwork section of this issue includes contributions from AICA's publication Mondo Digitale, the OCG Journal and Pliroforiki, the publication by the Cyprus Computer Society. The topics covered in this section are ICT Profession, IT Certification Programmes and the History of Informatics.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • Variations on XML by Carlos Delgado-Kloos
  • Architecture at W3C by José-Manuel Alonso-Cienfuegos, Encarnación Quesada-Ruiz and Carlos Iglesias-Moro
  • The State of XML by Edd Dumbill
  • The Role of XML Technologies on The New Web by Gregorio Martín Quetglás and Eduardo Carrillo Zambrano
  • SVG: An Alternative For Web and Mobile Graphics by Marcos Fernández-Marín, Ricardo Olanda-Rodríguez and Sergio Casas-Yrurzum
  • XML and Digital Rights Management over The Internet by Isabel Gallego-Fernández and Jaime Delgado-Mercè
  • RDF for XMLers by Charles McCathieNevile
  • Web Services: Standards Based Distributed Computing by Francisco Curbera
  • Libraries and Information Systems Need XML/RDF... but Do They Know It? by Eva-María Méndez-Rodríguez