Issue II

2005 II cover

IPv6 More than a Protocol

Volume: 2005, No.II

Date: April 2005

Guest Editors: Jordi Domingo-Pascual, Alberto García-Martínez and Matthew Ford

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IPv6 More than a Protocol

The new version of the IP protocol, IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6), provides extended networking functionality – a much larger address space, restoration of end-to-end connectivity to facilitate peer-to-peer communication and end-to-end security, better auto-configuration tools, and several other protocol enhancements – that could make it a new networking paradigm. This special issue is devoted to presenting all these new possibilities from a critical point of view.

The UPgrade European NETwork section of this issue includes a paper from Novática and Pro-Dialog, both publications by Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (ATI) and the Polish Information Processing Society (PTI-PIPS) respectively. The topics covered in these papers are about IT teaching and the Information Society.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • IPv6 Deployment State 2005 by Jim Bound
  • Internet Protocol version 6 Overview by Albert Cabellos-Aparicio and Jordi Domingo-Pascual
  • Transition of Applications to IPv6 by Eva M. Castro-Barbero, Tomás P. de Miguel-Moro and Santiago Pavón-Gómez
  • Service Deployment Experience in Pre-Commercial IPv6 Networks by Rüdiger Geib, Eduardo Azañón-Teruel, Sandra Donaire-Arroyo, Aurora Ferrándiz-Cancio, Carlos Ralli-Ucendo and Francisco Romero-Bueno
  • Security with IPv6 by Latif Ladid, Jimmy McGibney and John Ronan
  • Tools for IPv6 Multihoming by Marcelo Bagnulo-Braun, Alberto García-Martínez and Arturo Azcorra-Saloña
  • NEMO: Network Mobility in IPv6 by Carlos J. Bernardos-Cano, Ignacio Soto-Campos, María Calderón-Pastor, Dirk von Hugo and Emmanuel Riou
  • IPv6 Status in The World and IPv6 Task Forces by Jordi Palet-Martínez