Issue II

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e-Government: Public Administration for a New Century

Volume: 2003, No.II

Date: April 2003

Guest Editors: Gumersindo García-Arribas and Francisco López-Crespo

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e-Government: Public Administration for a New Century

To prepare a sufficiently comprehensive rundown of all that is important in present day Electronic Government (e-Government ) is somewhat of a complicated task, since to speak about administration, electronic or otherwise is to speak about the myriad affairs that link us to the public authorities in every moment of our lives. Our approach has been to describe and illustrate the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the “methodical organization of the management of services and the enforcement of acts and regulations within a particular political sphere, working independently from the legislative and judicial authorities”, which is how Public Administration is defined in the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy.

By e-Government we understand the Public Administration heavily supported by ICT. In line with this approach, this monograph aims to describe to the reader the common aspects of electronic public services and also the issue that we consider of paramount importance: the huge opportunity that the evolution of these technologies offer to Public Administrations (PAs) today for an in-depth change in the very way they provide service to citizens and enterprises. Limitations of space regrettably oblige us, on this occasion, to omit important aspects of this approach, such as the regulatory framework, or the changes to administrative procedures that may come about due to the gradual disappearance of paper and paperwork as their main support.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • e-Government and the European Union by Erkki Liikanen
  • e-Government: A Future of Inter-administrative Cooperation by Reyes Zataraín del Valle
  • e-Government and the “Network Society” by Narciso Pizarro y Ponce de la Torre
  • Scotland: On the Road to e-Democracy? by Eberhard Bort
  • IT Research, Innovation, and e-Government by William L. Scherlis and Jon Eisenberg
  • A Best Practice for Every Service in Europe by Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
  • Technology for e-Government: A Study Case by Juan Pérez-Villaplana
  • Free Software in Extremadura: LinEx by Carlos Castro-Castro
  • e-Government in a Small City: CAVI (Catarroja Virtual Town Hall) by Fermín Cerezo-Peco
  • The Take-off of Online Public Services in Europe by Juan-Vicente Hernández-Alonso
  • The (r)e-Balancing of Government by Jeremy Millard
  • The Construction of a Pan-European e-Government: The IDA Programme by Miguel Ángel Amutio-Gómez