Issue IV

IV cover 2003

Software Engineering - State of an Art

Volume: 2003, No.IV

Date: August 2003

Guest Editor: Luis Fernández-Sanz

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Software Engineering - State of an Art

This issue focuses on a really broad field that has been driving the evolution of software development since the late sixties: Software Engineering (SE). Clearly much has already been said about this discipline, so it is no easy to come up with a truly original introduction to such an important branch of computing. In my modest opinion, every software developer, at some time or another, has wanted to see him or herself as someone who approaches development as a solid and authentic engineering process.

Everybody is looking forward to the time when software can be said to be a truly engineered product. We all want to see a general improvement in software quality and user satisfaction, avoiding problems caused by delays and budget overruns, and Software Engineering should be the way to achieve these objectives. With a view to contributing to a better understanding of the current state of practice and evolution of this discipline, it was decided to publish a set of papers covering different areas of interest related to the application of engineering principles to software development and maintenance.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • Software Project Management. Adding Stakeholder Metrics to Agile Projects by Tom Gilb
  • Model-Driven Development and UML 2.0. The End of Programming as We Know It? by Morgan Björkander
  • Component-Based Software Engineering by Alejandra Cechich and Mario Piattini-Velthuis
  • An Overview of Software Quality by Margaret Ross
  • Lessons Learned in Software Process Improvement by José-Antonio Calvo-Manzano Villalón, Gonzalo Cuevas-Agustín, Tomás San Feliu-Gilabert, Antonio de Amescua-Seco, Mª Magdalena Arcilla-Cobián and José-Antonio Cerrada-Somolinos
  • A New Method for Simultaneous Application of ISO/IEC 15504 and ISO 9001:2000 in Software SME’s by Antònia Mas-Pichaco and Esperança Amengual-Alcover
  • Empirically-based Software Engineering by Martin Shepperd
  • Software Engineering Professionalism by Luis Fernández-Sanz and María-José García-García
  • Searching for the Holy Grail of Software Engineering by Robert L. Glass
  • Free Software Engineering: A Field to Explore by Jesús M. González-Barahona and Gregorio Robles