Issue VI

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IT Contingency Planning & Business Continuity

Volume: 2003, No.VI

Date: December 2003

Guest Editors: Roberto Moya-Quiles and Stefano Zanero

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IT Contingency Planning & Business Continuity

ICT Contingency Plans have become one of the common concerns of all organisations, especially those of a certain size – medium to large – that, like practically every organisation these days, base their business processes on information systems and technologies. The scope of these plans, which in the past were often erroneously considered as being the sole responsibility of the operations section of Data Processing Centres (largely due to the negligence or ignorance of the management of the enterprises), has undergone a major evolution and they are now an integral part of Business Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Plans.

Nevertheless, the basic conceptual aims of Contingency Plans have remained unchanged over the years: assessment of specific risks, response time to a wide range of incidents, tolerance to data loss and to the time service is degraded, reliability of processes with regard to transaction and information integrity in the event of interruptions or incidents, synchronization and backup of data, cost of implementing and maintaining the plan, etc. SLA (Service Level Agreement) contracts with Backup Services and Service Continuity using outsourced technology and communications suppliers are also becoming increasingly more important.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • Empirical Study of the Evolution of Computer Security and Auditing in Spanish Companies by Francisco-José Martínez-López, Paula Luna-Huertas, Francisco J. Martínez-López and Luis Martínez-López
  • Information Systems Auditing of Business Continuity Plans by Agatino Grillo
  • Business Continuity Controls in ISO 17799 and COBIT by José-Fernando Carvajal-Vión and Miguel García-Menéndez
  • Implementation of a Contingency Plan Audit by Marina Touriño-Troitiño
  • Public Initiatives in Europe and the USA to Protect against Contingencies in Information Infrastructures by Miguel García-Menéndez and José Fernando-Carvajal Vión
  • Business Continuity and IT Contingency Planning in the Mobile Telephony Industry by Miguel-Andrés Santisteban-García
  • ICT Contingency Plans and Regulatory Legislation of e-Commerce and Data Protection by Paloma Llaneza-González
  • Information Technologies and Privacy Protection in Europe by David D'Agostini and Antonio Piva
  • Legal Analysis of a Case of Cross-border Cyber-crime by Nadina Foggetti
  • The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) – Boosting Security and Confidence by Erkki Liikanen