Issue I

2001 I cover

IT and the Transformation of Health Care

Volume: 2001, No. I

Date: February 2001

Guest Editors: Stefan Klein and Valentín Masero Vargas

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IT and the Transformation of Health Care

The health care industry in the industrial nations can be depicted as a complex network of players governed by various institutional regimes and regulations. Health care covers a significant - and rising - proportion of the GNP and it faces a financial crisis, as the gap between the most advanced diagnostics and therapy concepts on the one side and resources for the provision of quality services for the general public on the other side is widening. As a result, governments, administrative bodies and the different players in the health care system are looking for innovative solutions to make health care services more effective and efficient. Given the information intensity of health care and the high degree of specialization and division of labour, information technology is seen as a crucial part of potential remedies.


See below for the papers included in this issue:

  • Designing Electronic Network Organisations for ICT-Enabled Health Care Networks by Ryan R. Peterson, Martin Smits and Ronald Spanjers
  • Strategies and IT Integration in Outpatient Doctors' Networks by Stefan G. Gfrörer, Markus Raupp and Franz Schober
  • Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development by Marcial García Rojo
  • Automatic Three-dimensional Reconstruction of Radiological Images for Telediagnosis by Valentín Masero Vargas, León Rojas, José Moreno del Pozo and Antmael Silva Luengo
  • Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Past and New Applications by José María Barreiro, José Crespo and Víctor Maojo
  • A Case Based Reasoning Decision Support System for Use in Medicine by Joël Colloc and Laïd Bouzidi
  • Bioinformatics and Health: Impacts of the Human Genome Project on Health Informatics by Fernando Martín Sánchez
  • Secure Internet-Access to Medical Data by Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche and Stephanie Teufel
  • Data Warehouse Dissemination Strategies for Community Health Assessments by Donald J. Berndt, Alan R. Hevner and James Studnicki