Issue IV

2001 cover IV

Present and Future of the Informatics Profession

Volume: 2001, No.IV

Date: August 2001

Guest Editors: Rafael Fernández Calvo and François Louis Nicolet

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Present and Future of the Informatics Profession

The papers that are published in UPGRADE are in general about technical subjects. But in this issue the focus is on the actual professional themselves. Through a survey, IT professionals and UPGRADE subscribers were asked to comment on the present and look into the future of the informatics profession: "…We have asked them to comment about the present, and look into the future, being fully aware that our profession is too wide and has too many facets to pretend that most of them, let alone all, can be covered in a single issue of a magazine like ours. We publish the views and opinions of professors, of professional societies' board members, of practitioners and of a student."

One of the characteristics of a profession is the existence of a professional association, the raison d'être of which is to actively promote and encourage the formation of a genuine profession, built on a sound and objective base. In our profession there is a need for objective assessment of professionalism, says Peter Morrogh, Past President of CEPIS. Most organisations are totally dependent on IT in order to run their businesses and cannot afford to entrust their IT to people who lack the necessary knowledge and skills. CEPIS, with many of its Member Societies across Europe, is working on defining a base level of knowledge that every professional must have and higher levels of knowledge that are specific to particular professional jobs in industry. It links together not only the foundation knowledge that an individual must have, but also vendor certification schemes, and third level education programmes. It will link into a continuous professional development framework.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • IT and Professionalism: An Industry View by Peter Morrogh
  • Who Are We? by Peter J. Denning
  • Let's Design Everything Again: Thoughts on Computing and Its Teaching by Ricardo Baeza-Yates
  • Can Universities Give what Society Is Asking of Them? by Rafael Camps Paré
  • The Changed Professional Model of the IT Project Manager: From the Design of Technical Solutions to Social Mediation by Beate Kuhnt and Andreas Huber
  • What Must a Training in Information Technology Impart? by Hans-Peter Hoidn
  • Computers will Enforce Professionalisation by Torsten Rothenwaldt
  • The Future of Software Engineering by Karol Frühauf
  • The Future of Informatics as a Scientific Discipline by Pedro G. Gonnet
  • The Shortfall of Informatics Professionals and the Legislation Regulating the Informatics Profession in Spain by Rafael Fernández Calvo