Issue II

cover II 2000

Privacy in the Net

Volume: 2000, No. II

Date: December 2000

Guest Editors: Alfonso Escolano, Isabel Hernando and Stephanie Teufel

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Privacy in the Net

This issue is dedicated to a new area that is becoming increasingly important, that is Network Privacy. Privacy in general has been a great worry, because attacks can come from near or far. The introduction of data processing brought about a dramatic change in the situation, which came about without those affected being aware of it. Slowly we realized the existing situation and society as a whole started to react. The result of this has been the introduction of laws (which began in the 1970's) aimed at protecting our personal data, for example the LORTAD (Ley Orgánicade Regulación del Tratamiento Automatizado de los Datos de CarácterPersonal) approved by the Spanish Parliament in 1991, which has meant a significant relief for people experiencing problems in this area.

The present issue gives a general idea of the areas that can arise in this environment of Data Privacy, etc., in conjunction with a mixture of general articles and others that are more technical and deal with more specific aspects.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • Privacy on a Network by Juan Manuel Fernández López
  • Network Privacy: State of the Art by Félix Herrera Priano
  • Cookies, Profiles, IP Addresses: Pending Issues in Data Protection Legislation by Rosa Julià Barceló
  • Some Issues Regarding Encryption Used on the Internet by Pino Caballero Gil
  • Security through Business Process Re-Engineering by Gaby Herrmann and Günther Pernul
  • A Model for Security in Agent-based Workflows by Henrik Stormer, Konstantin Knorr and Jan H.P. Eloff
  • Secure Server-Side Java Applications by Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche