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upgrade logoUPGRADE was a bi-monthly European e-journal for the informatics professional and academic. It was free of charge and provided an important source of information for experts from across Europe and beyond. 

A multitude of authors from around the world submited papers for review and publication in UPGRADE. These authors were world-class experts in their fields, and the papers they produced provided invaluable tools of reference and information for readers interested in informatics and technological developments. 

UPGRADE was founded in October 2000 by CEPIS, and was published by the CEPIS Member Society, Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (ATI) in Spain. UPGRADE was listed in many scientific and professional journal indexes worldwide.

The structure of this e-journal was as follows:


The editorial was written by the publisher, the editorial team or by an invited guest on the issue's main theme and provided a view on the topic to be addressed throughout the issue.


The monograph contained several articles written by the guest editors, covering a given ICT subject as proposed by the Editorial Team of UPGRADE and approved by the Editorial Board of UPGRADE. The Editorial Team selected recognised experts in the field as the guest editors. The guest editors further defined the concept and, through their reputation and professional networks offered subject matter experts the opportunity to submit papers on different areas of the topic.

All the papers in the monograph could be ultimately revised by the Editorial Team of UPGRADE to ensure their relevance to readers. A team of English Language Editors, IT professionals with English as a first language, read and revised the papers if the authors are non-native speakers, to  ensure a high quality of language. Before publishing, the papers could be submitted to the authors for final approval, giving them a chance to make last minute corrections and amendments.

UPgrade European NETwork

In this section we republished articles from the publications that formed part of the UPgrade European NETwork. These articles were selected by the Chief Editors of these publications. More about the UPgrade European NETwork


This section provided updates on the latest projects and events in which CEPIS and its Member Societies were involved.

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