UPGRADE European NETwork

UPENETThe UPGRADE European NETwork sub-section became a permanent fixture of the UPGRADE journal in 2003 in order to allow for a morepan-European approach.

The main purpose of this network is to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience from different CEPIS Member societypublications that is accessible to informatics professionals and academics,across Europe and further afield.

Participating Publications

The following publications are currently part of theUPGRADE European NETwork:

  • Inforeview published by the Serbian Information Technology Society (JISA)
  • Informatica published by Slovenian Society Informatica (SSI)
  • Informatik- Spectrum published by Springer Verlag on behalf of Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V (GI)
  • ITNOW published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the British Computer Society (BCS)
  • Mondo Digitale published by Associazione Italiana per l'Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico (AICA)
  • Novática published by Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (ATI)
  • OCG Journal published by Oesterreichisches Computer Gesellschaft (OCG)
  • Pliroforiki published by the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS)
  • Tolvümál published by the Icelandic Society for Information Processing (ISIP)



Inforeview is a bilingual magazine written in English and Serbian for businesscommunications.  It is supported by the European Economic Chamber ofTrade, Commerce and Industry (EEIG) from Brussels, and the South EastEurope Forum in ICT (SEFICT). Following 15 years of experience focusingon the most successful ICT companies, the publication has redirectedsome of its focus to business communications from IT.  The Chief Editorof Inforeview is Dubravka Dukic. 



Informatica, the publication of the Slovenian Informatics Society, was established in 1976 and publishes four editions per year. It is aninternational journal based in Europe, managed by Matjaz Gams andpublishes two types of papers:

  • Technical papers reporting novel research.
  • Overview papers covering a sub-area of computer and information science.



Informatik Spectrum is a journal published on behalf of GI by Springer Verlag. Its ChiefEditor is Hermann Engesser.  The journal provides practicaluser-friendly information about technical and scientific processes fromall areas of computer science. Content is provided through reports,case studies, and projects which cover many topics including futuretrends.



ITNOW is published on behalf of the British Computer Society (BCS) by theOxford University Press. ITNOW is seen as 'the voice of BCS' andpublishes articles on all aspects of computing and IT.  Brian Runcimanis ITNOW’s Managing Editor.



Mondo Digitale is published by AICA, the CEPIS Member society from Italy. Themagazine's objective is to make ICT interesting for everyone not justfor specialists in the field. Mondo Digitale collaborates withestablished authors from the ICT, academic and even IT industry worldsto create a quarterly high-quality publication. Franco Filippazzi isChief Editor.



Novática ispublished by ATI, the Spanish CEPIS Member society. Chief Editor ofNovática is Llorenç Pagés-Casas. This journal is distributed ona bi-monthly basis to approximately 65,000 readers in Spain. Some of itsfeatures are shared with UPGRADE, including a monograph. Novática includes articles on a wide range of topics such science, technology,professionalism, business, culture, society, and the economy. 



OCG Journal is published by the Austrian CEPIS Member society, OCG. This magazineprovides information on current events in information technology andreports on interesting trends and the latest developments. Veith Risakis member of the Publications Committee.



Pliroforiki is published by the CEPIS Member Society, CCS for informatics andtechnology professionals in Cyprus. Panicos Masouras is the ChiefEditor of this magazine.



Tolvümál ispublished by the CEPIS Icelandic Member society, with Torvardur K.Ólafsson as its Chief Editor. This magazine contains articles andessays on a wide range of topics related to information technology.Tolvümál is the oldest computing magazine in Iceland and is publishedon a bi-monthly basis. Each edition typically contains twelve articlesand is around 40 pages long.