The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) established the pan-European UPGRADE e-journal in 1999. CEPIS works to improve and promote high standards among informatics professionals in recognitionof the impact that informatics has on employment, business and society.

CEPIS is the representative body of national informatics associationswith 35 member societies in 32 countries across greater Europe. Established in 1988 by eight European informatics societies, CEPIS has since grown to represent over 300,000informatics professionals in 32countries. 

CEPIS has the following goals:

  • To raise the profile and promote the views of European informatics societies and informatics professionalism within the European Institutions.
  • To promote the development of the Information Society through digital literacy, skills, education & research, and professionalism. As a professional body, CEPIS is actively involved in promoting Professionalism in IT practice amongst its members. This occurs through regular Europe-wide events and specific publications. 
  • To remain the principal network of European IT professionals.
  • To lead the field of independent European ICT certification organisations.

The main areas that CEPIS is involved in through their Members' participation in different task forces are as follows: Women in ICT, Green ICT, Professionalism, Skills, Education and Research, Software Quality and Legal & Security Issues.

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