Issue I

Feb 08 Cover

IT Governance

Volume: 2008, Issue I

Date: February 2008

Guest Editors: Dídac López-Viñas, Antonio Valle-Salas, Aleix Palau-Escursell
and Willem-Joep Spauwen

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This is NOT IT Governance

IT is a business like any other line of business, so why don’t we run it as a business? If we look at other disciplines, we can find excellent examples of the application of governance principles. In the IT market, however, we seem to have forgotten to apply some of the most elementary business policies. Recent developments have shown the catastrophical effects that may follow from this. So let’s have a closer look at this, and take the first elementary step by answering “what is IT Governance and what is it NOT?”. The answer may come as a surprise. And IT Governance may be less difficult than it seemed. Download

ITIL V3: the Past and the Future. The Evolution Of Service Management Philosophy

Although the contribution made to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) by version 3 over version 2 cannot be considered as a radical change in direction, it does represent a step forward towards making ITIL not only a frame of reference for operational matters but also avaluable IT Governance tool. Rather than rendering the previous recommendations obsolete, the new version places them within a broader context. This article stresses the importance of this step forward and describes its most significant implications. Download

PMBOK and PRINCE 2 for the Management of ITIL Implementation Projects

In this article we analyse a compilation of tools and techniques produced by a working group coordinated by itSMF Spain with a view to providing professionals involved in projects implementing ITIL best practices with a range of project management tools and techniques (based on PMBOK and PRINCE2 methodologies) to facilitate project management and ensure a successful implementation of ITIL. Download

Business Intelligence Governance, Closing the IT/Business Gap 

The need of IT departments to create value for their organization’s business has given rise to a large number of tools (IT Governance), which to a greater or lesser extent have been closing the gap between IT and Business, but have failed when applied to Business Intelligence systems. This article demonstrates the need to create a dedicated BI Governance structure over and above IT Governance, a structure based on agility, versatility and human relations which is specifically designed to provide information to decision makers. Download

IT Project Portfolio Management: the Strategic Vision of IT Projects

Changes in market demand and in technology have meant that managing IT projects has recently become an authentic challenge for those responsible for information technologies. This difficulty lies in managing individual as well as group projects. This last area includes the concept of a project portfolio, a set of projects carried out within an organization and sharing resources. In recent years portfolio management has proven to be a discipline that allows the value generated by IT to increase and help implement strategy through the projects. Download

ISO20000 – an Introduction

ISO20000 is the International Standard for IT Service Management. This article provides an overview covering the history of the standard, the scope and relationship to other standards and frameworks as well as benefits realised. The article also recommends additional sources of information. Download

COBIT as a Tool for IT Governance: Between Auditing and IT Governance

COBIT is establishing itself as an effective tool to set up IT Governance that will help IT departments convert themselves into technological partners of businesses. When analysing the suitability of COBIT for IT Governance we must be aware of its origins in auditing and of its strengths and weaknesses resulting from such an origin. In this article we analyse COBIT’s strengths and weaknesses as a framework for IT Governance, using as a reference another IT Governance model, that of Peterson. Download

Implementing IT Governance Ad@pting CobiT, ITIL and Val IT: a Respectful Caricature

In this article we present some guidelines for the combined use of three reference models and a series of points and criteria to be considered in respect of their complementarity. Download

What Governance Isn’t 

This article makes a quixotic attempt to stem the corruption of the word governance. Governance is policy making and policy policing. Anything else is management. Download