Issue IV


EUCIP: A Model for Definition and Measurement of ICT Skills

Volume: 2008, Issue IV

Date: August 2008

Guest Editors: Renny Bakke Amundsen, Neil Farren and Paolo Schgör 

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EUCIP General Overview 

This article documents the historical development of EUCIP, how its development was influenced by initial development of the EISS (European Informatics Skills Structures) framework and the EICL (European Informatics Continuous Learning), all the way to work on the EPICS (European Professional Informatics Certificate Service) project and the subsequent evolution into the European Certification of Informatics Professionals (EUCIP). The article explains the development of the three certification offerings, namely EUCIP Core, EUCIP Professional and EUCIP IT Administrator and gives an insight into future developments for EUCIP. Download

Exploring the EUCIP Certification Range and Progression Options

This article provides an overview of the three main EUCIP certification offerings, namely EUCIP Core, EUCIP IT Administrator and EUCIP Professional. The article also outlines the links between the certifications and the potential progression options available within the EUCIP certification model. Download

Advanced Experiences in Norway

EUCIP, the European Certification of Informatics Professionals, is a professional certification and competence development scheme aimed at IT practitioners and undergraduates. Like ECDL, EUCIP was developed by CEPIS, the Council of European Professional Informatics Societies. This article gives an overview of the experiences of the EUCIP Operator in Norway, EUCIP Norge, in targeting the corporate market through the use of collaborative partners. Download

Advanced Experiences in Italy: the University Approach to EUCIP

This contribution reports on the approach of the Italian university system to the EUCIP certification scheme. The academic bodies, Universities, University consortia and central agencies have given a positive, proactive contribution to this effort. The cooperation has been active for some four years now, and will continue. This paper describes the organization that has been set up to support the certification scheme, the actions taken to diffuse its acceptance within the University curricula and the different modalities for each part of the EUCIP scheme: EUCIP Core, EUCIP Professional (Electives) and EUCIP IT Administrator. Download

Advanced Experiences in Italy: EUCIP as a Shared Model in the ICT Community

The following article describes some of the most interesting cases of the application of EUCIP-based services. All the case studies refer to the "EUCIP Services for Organizations" described in another article in this monograph. Download

Ireland Implementation Model

This article provides an overview of the developments which took place in the implementation of EUCIP in Ireland. ICS Skills has driven the deployment of EUCIP by promoting IT as a career through their ChooseIT campaign, resulting in securing part-funding for EUCIP in Ireland from the National Training and Employment Agency. The article also explores how EUCIP is being promoted by third-level educational institutions as a stepping stone to higher level degree and diploma course, and gives an overview of recent collaborations with the Associations of Northern Ireland Colleges and Momentum NI in bringing the EUCIP programme to Northern Ireland. Download

Estonia Implementation Model

The following article provides an overview of the approach taken by the Estonian Information Technology Society (EITS) in the adoption and implementation of the EUCIP Programme. The article pays particular attention to the roll out of the EUCIP programme and how it is being integrated into the state curriculum in Estonia. Download

Spanish Implementation Model: Current Situation

In this article we review the current state of EUCIP training and its implementation in Spain. In particular, we study the current situation of the "ConsITIO" Masters Degree taught in collaboration with five universities, and the EUCIP accreditation to which it leads. The article also looks towards the future prospects for EUCIP in Spain. Download

A Web-based Computer System as a Main Tool of Certification Processes Automation in EUCIP Poland

EUCIP Certification Program in Poland was preceded by the research, which showed that all examinations processes, described by ECDL Foundation, can be highly aided with the Internet Computer System. Polish Information Processing Society (PIPS) decided to implement EUCIP in Poland and base it on such a system, which was named EUCIP Examination System (EES). Now EES may support or automatically execute EUCIP proceedings. It consists of some modules, which deal with different activities such as: payments, invoices, examination Core, examination Professional and User (Candidate) account. The article also describes systems functionality designed for the Candidate, Competence Centre, PIPS accountancy and the Administrator. Download

Implementing EUCIP IT Administrator in Romania

This article provides an overview of the approach taken by ECDL Romania in the roll out of EUCIP. In particular, the Romanian EUCIP operations relate to the EUCIP IT Administrator programme and the relationships with suitable testcentres with experiences of offering similar programmes for IT professionals. Download

An Overview of Recent Adoption in Croatia

This article provides an overview of the EUCIP programme as organised in Croatia by the Croatian Information Technology Society (HIZ/CITS) through its network of seven newly established test and education centres. The article explores the first EUCIP Core education and certification pilot programme that took place in Zagreb in 2008, between March 25th and June 13th, as a result of collaboration between HIZ/CITS and Algebra IT School. The article also outlines plans to roll out the EUCIP Professional level certification. Download

CISCO and EUCIP Co-operation in ICT Professional Competencies Development

This article gives an overview on initiatives jointly managed by Cisco and EUCIP to promote professional competencies development through high quality training curricula and certification programmes. In particular the Cisco Networking Academy’s curricula "IT Essentials" and the related "EUCIP IT Administrator" certification are presented, as is the role of the Cisco certification system as accredited "elective modules" in the EUCIP professional profiles framework. Download

EUCIP Services for Organizations

This article gives an overview of the tools and methodologies being used to assess and tune ICT competencies. The article makes particular reference to the use of these tools in ICT demand side and ICT supply side companies, and explores how the EUCIP service model supports four main resource management functions. Download

E-Learning Tools and Projects on EUCIP Core

This article covers two projects whose goal is to produce e-learning material to help EUCIP enter the market with a complete scheme: syllabus, question database (both the responsibility of ECDL Foundation) and learning material (books and on-line course). E-learning tools are widely recognised as a valid means to help the vocational market address the learning phase of a certification. Error Notice: The list of contributors to this article in the PDF is incorrect. The contributors to this article were actually the ones mentioned in this web page, namely Paolo Prinetto (Politecnic of Turin), Angelo Chianese (University of Naples "Federico II"), Paolo Ciancarini (University of Bologna) and Lily Loidap (Estonian Information Technology Society). Download