Issue I

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Key Success Factors in Software Engineering

Volume: 2006, No.I

Date: February 2006

Guest Editors: Luis Fernández-Sanz, Juan-José Cuadrado-Gallego and Maya Daneva

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Key Success Factors in Software Engineering

Software Engineering (SE) has been driving the evolution of software development since the late sixties. So much has already been said about this discipline that we tend to think that yet another collection of contributions about topics so frequently addressed in journals or conferences is unlikely to offer readers a different perspective on the major challenges facing this discipline. Although every software developer has at least once wanted to see him or herself as somebody who performs development as a sound and genuine engineering process, a great many factors play a role in the success of the actual implementation of software engineering philosophy in daily practice.

We need to pay attention to a large number of issues if we want to experience the much vaunted benefits of an SE approach: software as a truly engineered product, the general improvement of software quality and user satisfaction, fewer delays and budget overruns, etc. Clearly software engineering is the way to achieve these objectives, but not all the concomitant problems stem from traditional issues involving technical matters or methodologies.

This issue also includes an interesting paper in the UPgrade European NETwork section from Novática, the CEPIS Spanish Member society's (Asociación de Técnicos de Informática - ATI) own publication.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • Analysis of Software Engineering from An Engineering Perspective by Alain Abran and Kenza Meridji
  • Researching The Social Side of Software Engineering by Yvonne Dittrich
  • Using UMLTM 2.0 to Solve Systems Engineering Problems by Ian Barnard
  • Applying Service-Oriented Software Measurement to Derive Quality Indicators of Open Source Components by René Braungarten, Ayaz Farooq, Martin Kunz, Andreas Schmietendorf and Reiner R. Dumke
  • ISBSG Software Project Repository & ISO 9126: An Opportunity for Quality Benchmarking by Laila Cheikhi, Alain Abran and Luigi Buglione
  • Requirements Elicitation in Web Engineering by Stephanos Mavromoustakos and Katerina Papanikolaou
  • The Human Factor in Software Engineering by Luis Fernández-Sanz and María-José García-García