Issue III

06 III cover

Free Software Licences in Context

Volume: 2006, No. III

Date: June 2006

Guest Editors: Luis Fajardo-López and Jean-Baptiste Soufron

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Free Software Licences in Context

Software licences (legal documents regulating the use of intellectual property rights on software) can be considered from many angles, and this was the aim when planning to publish this issue. With the topic of the world of libre/free software, as the main focus, it was important to include papers covering the legal side of software protection but also necessary to tie software licences in with the wider field of intellectual property (which also includes the controversial issue of software patents). The doctrine and practice of open knowledge, which is also connected with the above mentioned fields has also been successfully developed over the past few years on the back of the libre/free software movement. Examples will be used to illustrate the experiences described above also.

The UPgrade European NETwork section includes two papers from different CEPIS Member societies, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V (GI) and the British Computer Society (BCS). Their respective publications are Informatik Spectrum and ITNOW, from which two papers about high performance computing and the informatics profession are included in this issue.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • The Legal Protection of Computer Programs under Spanish and European Law by Javier Plaza-Penadés
  • DRM as A Dangerous Alternative to Copyright Licences by David Monniaux and Jean-Baptiste Soufron
  • Ideological Foundations and Real Effects of The Current Model of Intellectual Property by Eduardo Melero-Alonso
  • The Legal Framework of Software Licences: Is The Will of The Licensor Subject To Constraints? by Luis Fajardo-López
  • Some Legal Reflections on The Use of Libre Software Licences in Public Administration by Luis Fajardo-Spínola and Luis Fajardo-López
  • Free Software in Extremadura, The History of Some Good Reasons by Luis Millán-Vázquez de Miguel
  • Creative Commons: Open Content Licenses to Govern Creative Works by Melanie Dulong de Rosnay
  • Novática Award to the best article published in 2006: Scientific Publications: The Role of Public Administrations in The ICT Era by Roberto Di Cosmo