Issue V

V 2006 cover

Web Services

Volume: 2006, No.V

Date: October 2006

Guest Editors: José Carlos del Arco-Prieto, Jesús Arias-Fisteus,
Oscar Corcho-García and Jorge Cardoso

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Web Services

Web Services have gained great importance in academic and industrial environments due to their focus on open standards widely accepted by industry, which guarantee the interoperability between the information systems of different organizations.

The emergence of Web Services has had a major impact on the way in which organizations integrate their applications, data and processes. The use of standards has reduced the cost of corporate integration projects by allowing the reuse of existing applications and benefiting from previous investments. Web Service adoption in the industry has allowed organizations to share information with their partners, providers and customers in a standardized manner.

The UPgrade European NETwork section of this issue contains a paper about open standards from ATI, the Spanish Member Society of CEPIS, through their publication Novatica; a paper about ICT security from the Italian AICA-produced publication, Mondo Digitale; finally, a paper about the informatics profession from ITNOW, the publication of the British Computer Society (BCS).


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • Web Services: Introduction and State of The Art by Oscar Corcho-García, José Carlos del Arco-Prieto and Jesús Arias-Fisteus
  • W3C and Web Services Standardization by Martín Álvarez-Espinar
  • Integration and Interoperability Experiences in Healthcare by Antonio García-Landeira
  • Model-Driven Extra-Functional Property Development for Web Services: A Case Study from The Service and Client Side Perspectives by Guadalupe Ortiz-Bellot and Juan Hernández-Núñez
  • Towards an Automated Trading Process by Pablo Fernández-Montes, Manuel Resinas-Arias de Reyna and Rafael Corchuelo-Gil
  • Semantic Web Services with WSMO by Holger Lausen, Jos de Bruijin, Uwe Keller and Rubén Lara
  • Towards Semantic Service Selection for B2B Integration by Andreas Friesen and Kioumars Namiri
  • Leveraging E-Marketplaces Models for Web Service-Based Application Development by Abraham Nieva de la Hidalga, Liping Zhao and Pedro R. Falcone-Sampaio