Issue V

cover V 2004

SPT, Software Process Technology

Volume: 2004, No. V

Date: October 2004

Guest Editors: Francisco Ruiz-González and Gerardo Canfora

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SPT, Software Process Technology

One of the main lines of work on the enhancement of software product quality is the study and improvement of the processes by which software is developed and maintained. This statement is based on the assumption that there is a direct correlation between a quality process and product quality. The area of study in the field of software engineering addressing this problem is known as “Software Process Technology” (SPT), or simply “Software Process” (SP).

Research into SPT as a separate discipline began in the 80s (International Software Process Workshop, European Workshop on Software Process Technology, Journal of Software Process Technology: Improvement and Practice, etc.), but it is only in the last 5 or 6 years that it has acquired a certain maturity in terms of its real use in software engineering projects. The first important contribution of SPT was to confirm that the development and maintenance of software are complex processes which require a collective and creative effort. Thus the quality of a software product is heavily dependent on the people, the organisation and the procedures involved in creating, delivering and maintaining it.

This issue's UPgrade European NETwork section includes papers from Novática and Pliroforiki, publications by Asociación de Técnicos de Informática (ATI) and the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) respectively. The papers cover topics including IT and disabilities and Information Technologies in today's society.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • Software Process: Characteristics, Technology and Environments by Francisco Ruiz-González and Gerardo Canfora
  • Key Issues and New Challenges in Software Process Technology by Jean-Claude Derniame and Flavio Oquendo
  • A Taxonomy of Software Engineering Environment Services: The Upcoming ISO/IEC Standard 15940 by Dan Hyung Lee and Juan Garbajosa-Sopeña
  • Open Source and Free Software: A New Model for The Software Development Process? by Alfonso Fuggetta
  • Applying The Basic Principles of Model Engineering to The Field of Process Engineering by Jean Bézivin and Erwan Breton
  • Software Process Modelling Languages Based on UML by Pere Botella i López, Xavier Franch-Gutiérrez and Josep M. Ribó-Balust
  • Supporting the Software Process in A Process-centered Software Engineering Environment by Hans-Ulrich Kobialka
  • Managing Distributed Projects in GENESIS by Lerina Aversano, Andrea De Lucia, Matteo Gaeta, Pierluigi Ritrovato and Maria-Luisa Villani
  • Software Process Measurement by Félix García-Rubio, Francisco Ruiz-González and Mario Piattini-Velthuis
  • Process Diversity and how Practitioners Can Manage It by Danilo Caivano and Corrado Aaron Visaggio