Issue I

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Knowledge Management and Information Technology

Volume: 2002, No.I

Date: February 2002

Guest Editors: Christopher Lueg and Xavier Alamán

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Knowledge Management and Information Technology

These days knowledge management is receiving attention all over the world. This globalization aspect is reflected in this special issue as the contributions were collected by two guest editors living on the opposite sides of the world: Xavier Alamán in Spain and myself in Australia.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • Knowing is a Human Act by Richard McDermott
  • The Paradox of "Knowledge Management" by Jacky Swan and Harry Scarbough
  • State-of-Practice of Knowledge Management Systems: Results of an Empirical Study by Ronald Maier
  • Enabling Distributed Knowledge Management: Managerial and Technological Implications by Matteo Bonifacio, Paolo Bouquet and Paolo Traverso
  • Knowledge-Assisted Reverse Engineering of Virtual Work Processes by Robert P. Biuk-Aghai, Simeon J. Simoff and Ingrid Slembek
  • Data Mining of Collaborative Virtual Workspaces: The "Space-Data-Memory" Framework by Simeon J. Simoff and Robert P. Biuk-Aghai
  • Communication-oriented Computer Support for Knowledge Management by Volkmar Pipek and Markus Won
  • Some Critical Remarks in Favour of IT-Based Knowledge Management by Reinhard Riedl
  • Knowledge Management in a Law Firm by Cristina Rodríguez Morcón, José Pérez García and Juan Alberto Sigüenza Pizarro
  • SINTAGMA: From Information to Knowledge by Joaquín Bastos Amigo
  • IT Tools for Knowledge Management: A Study of the Current Situation by Ruth Cobos, José A. Esquivel and Xavier Alamán
  • Knowledge Management: A Trip Round Europe by Fabián García Pastor
  • Efficient Management of Multilingual Electronic Conferences by (Knowledge Management in a Latin American Virtual Community) Daniel Pimienta and Catherine Dhaussy