Issue II

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eXtreme Programming

Volume: 2002, No.II

Date: April 2002

Guest Editors: Luis Fernández Sanz

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eXtreme Programming

This issue is focused on XP (eXtreme programming), one of the recent proposals in the software development field that has achieved a really important media impact among software practitioners. As a new way of improving the agility of software projects, XP relies on several principles (automated testing, pair development, etc.) that shorten the project life cycle between releases. But these principles are also devised to obtain a general improvement of software quality and user satisfaction, avoiding problems due to delays and exceeding budget. All these promises have raised a general interest in this development philosophy. Trying to satisfy the curiosity of our readers, we have decided to publish an interesting set of paper intended to contribute to a deeper understanding of XP, its pros and cons.


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • A new method of Software Development: eXtreme Programming by César F. Acebal and Juan M. Cueva Lovelle
  • Programming Extremism by Michael McCormick
  • The Need for Speed: Automating Acceptance Testing in an eXtreme Programming Environment by Lisa Crispin, Tip House and Carol Wade (Contributor)
  • Qualitative Studies of XP in a Medium Sized Business by Robert Gittins, Sian Hope and Ifor Williams
  • XP and Software Engineering: an opinion by Luis Fernández Sanz
  • XP in Complex Project Settings: Some Extensions by Martin Lippert, Stefan Roock, Henning Wolf and Heinz Züllighoven