Issue III

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Information Retrieval and the Web

Volume: 2002, No.III

Date: June 2002

Guest Editors: Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Peter Schäuble

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Information Retrieval and the Web

Information Retrieval (IR) is often associated with search engines and Internet; however, it evolved from an academic discipline which has its roots back in the fifties. During the first decades research activities usually took place in a Computer Science department and simple approaches based on occurrence statistics were shown surprisingly effective in retrieving relevant documents. Nevertheless, a small number of Information Retrieval research groups achieved important results in three respects:

1. Theory: probabilistic retrieval models were developed that imply optimal retrieval effectiveness (see publications by Cooper, Robertson, and others). Later, retrieval was extended to other media, not only text.

2. Systems: various algorithms and data structures were intended and integrated in practical text retrieval systems (e.g. SMART, Topic and Inquiry system) as well as multimedia retrieval systems recently.

3. Evaluation: test collections were built consisting of documents, queries and – most importantly – of relevance assessments that determine which documents are relevant to which queries. These test collections facilitate the comparison of different retrieval methods in respect of recall and precision (e.g. Cranfield, SMART, TREC collections).


The following papers are included in this issue:

  • Information Retrieval for Enterprise Content by Prabakhar Raghavan
  • Information Retrieval on the Web: A New Paradigm by Jacques Savoy
  • An Analysis of Query Languages for XML by Adelaida Delgado, Ricardo Baeza-Yates
  • Methodologies to develop Web Information Systems and Comparative Analysis by María José Escalona, Manuel Mejías and Jesús Torres
  • Distributed Information Retrieval from Web-Accessible Digital Libraries using Mobile Agents by J. Alfredo Sanchez, Sandra Nava, Lourdes Fernández and Griselda Chevalier
  • Automatic Extraction of Semantically-Meaningful Information from the Web by Rafael Corchuelo, José Luis Arjona and Miguel Toro
  • Ontologies for Database Federation by Nieves Brisaboa, Miguel Penabad, Angeles Places and Francisco Rodríguez
  • System for Compressing and Retrieving Structured Documents by Joaquín Adiego, Pablo de la Fuente, Jesús Vegas and Miguel Villarroel
  • TEXRET: An Interactive TEXture RETrieval System by Javier Ruiz del Solar, Pablo Navarrete and Patricio Parada
  • The CLEF Campaigns: Evaluation of Cross-Language Information Retrieval Systems by Martin Braschler and Carol Peters
  • The Web of Spain by Ricardo Baeza-Yates