2011 News Archive

20-12-201147th CEPIS Council Draft Minutes Now Available
19-12-2011CEPIS Task Force on Women in ICT
18-12-2011e-Skills Week 2012: Encouraging Young People into ICT Careers - Get Involved
17-12-2011Finnish CEPIS Member Society Publishes Report Measuring Importance of IT in Finland
16-12-2011CEPIS Cloud Computing Security and Privacy Statement – Now Available in Spanish
16-12-2011Digital Trends 2011 – International Conference co-hosted by CEPIS and HePIS
15-12-2011International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems to Take Place in 2012
13-12-2011EC Report: Economic Analysis of the Single Market for an Information Society
12-12-2011EC Proposes €80 Billion Horizon 2020 Programme for Research and Innovation
12-12-2011EESC Opinion on Net Neutrality Regrets Lack of Action by European Commission
11-12-2011European Citizens will have their Say in 2012
10-12-2011Call for Events: 2012 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems
09-12-2011European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to Create More Innovation Hubs
14-11-2011Provide Your Feedback on the CEPIS Professional e-Competence Project!
13-11-2011Expertise of Hundreds of ICT Professionals Provides Basis for e-Skills & ICT Professionalism Interim Report
12-11-2011Invitation to Digital Trends Conference, Athens
11-11-2011Eurypedia – A New Encyclopedia of National Education Systems in Europe
10-11-2011Social Networks Not Protecting Minors’ Privacy Online
09-11-2011Scoreboard shows Only a Third of World’s Top 50 R&D Investors are European
08-11-2011Over €9 Billion Proposed for Broadband Investment
07-11-2011Report shows CIOs Need to be IT-Enabled Leaders as their Strategic Role Expands
11-10-201147th CEPIS Council Registration Still Open
10-10-2011The Digital Agenda is Going Local – Events in Every Country in Europe
09-10-2011Latest Issue of CEPIS UPGRADE Out Now – Business Intelligence
08-10-2011CEPIS President High Level Speaker at New Media Summit Digital Agenda Event
06-10-2011Results of EIT’s Public Consultation Now Published
05-10-2011Greek CEPIS Member Society HePIS Launch New Website
27-09-2011Cyprus Infosec 2011: The Cloud and Beyond
26-09-2011Greek CEPIS Member Society HePIS Launch New Website
12-09-2011CEPIS Professional e-Competence European Report Published
11-09-2011Execom Elections 2011 Nominate a Vice President Candidate
09-09-2011Have You Taken the CEPIS Green ICT Survey Yet?
08-09-2011EC Report: 2012 Year for Active Ageing
07-09-2011Second Round of Digital Agenda Going Local Announced
06-09-2011EC to Award Women Innovators First Prize €100,000!
05-09-2011Updated Map of Digital Fire-Brigades
04-09-2011CEDEFOP to Analyse Skills and Competence Needs in 2012-2014
03-09-2011European Parliament Publishes Report on the Role of ENISA
02-09-2011Report Published on Impact and Role of ICT Societies in Europe
01-09-2011EIT’s Latest Annual Report Published
08-08-2011€7 Billion Boost for Research & Innovation in Europe
07-08-2011New €787 Million Call Open Under FP7 for ICT Research
06-08-2011Call for Tender to Develop Quality Labels for ICT Industry-based Training
05-08-2011Call for Tender – E-skills for Competitiveness and Innovation: Vision, Roadmap and Foresight Scenarios
04-08-2011More Funding for EU Training & Education Programmes
03-08-2011Digital Literacy & e-Inclusion Report from Digital Agenda Assembly
02-08-2011Digital Agenda Assembly Report on Facilitating Broadband Investments
01-08-2011Have Your Say on Practical Rules for Notifying Personal Data Breaches!
31-07-2011EC Seeks Views on Access to Digital Scientific Information
30-07-2011Key Enabling Technologies to Enhance Europe’s Competitiveness
12-07-2011CEPIS & Professional e-Competence in Europe
11-07-2011Europeans Concerned about Online Data Exposure
10-07-2011Schools Struggle to Foster ICT in Education due to Lack of ICT Teachers
09-07-201198% of Internet Traffic Not Ready for IPv6
08-07-2011EIT Agenda for Investing in Innovation Beyond 2014 Released
07-07-2011EC Warns Europe is Facing an Innovation Emergency
06-07-2011European Commission Reacts to High Increase of Cyber Attacks
06-06-2011Professional e-Competence Survey – Country Reports & EU Report!
05-06-2011Check out the New European Qualifications Framework (EQF) Portal
04-06-2011Digital Agenda Scoreboard Reveals Good Progress but Some Targets Delayed
03-06-2011Read the Latest Issue of CEPIS UPGRADE – ‘Engineering e-Learning Systems'
02-06-2011EC Consultation: Influence the Cloud Computing Strategy for Europe!
01-06-2011Data Protection to be Enforced with Harsher Regulations
31-05-2011Share your Digital Agenda for Europe Experience by Video
30-05-2011EC Provides €1,000,000 for Development of ‘Knowledge Partnerships'
29-05-2011€600 million Public-Private Partnership for Future Internet Launched
28-05-2011EC: Six Research Projects Selected to Compete for €100 million Top Prize
26-04-2011ICT Professionals: Help Develop a pan-European Framework for ICT Professionalism in Europe!
25-04-2011Invitation to the 1st Digital Agenda Assembly – Register Now
24-04-2011EC Research & Innovation Funding Process Consultation Still Open
23-04-2011Data Retention Directive Evaluation reveals Lack of Unity & Risks to Privacy
22-04-2011IVI Summer Summit Open Day 2011
21-04-2011EC Report: Maths, Science & Technology Graduates More than Expected Target
20-04-2011Have your Say on the European Institute of Innovation and Technology’s Next Phase!
19-04-2011EQANIE News: First Euro-Inf Quality Labels Awarded in Germany
18-04-2011Number of ‘.eu’ Domain Name Websites Doubles in Five Years
12-04-2011ICT Managers: Take the CEPIS Green ICT Survey!
11-04-2011CEPIS: Developing ICT Professionalism in Europe
11-04-2011PRESS RELEASE: Computer Experts from Across EU on Vital Importance of Developing e-Competences & ICT Professionalism
10-04-2011Louisa Luciani - How CEPIS Women in ICT Award Helped her Career
09-04-2011CEPIS publishes Cloud Computing Statement
08-04-2011Latest Issue of CEPIS UPGRADE Now Available – ‘Internet of Things'
07-04-2011EC Report: Europe’s Progress in Fight against Cyber Attacks
04-03-2011€125 billion ICT Policy Support Work Programme Launched
03-03-2011Notification: 46th CEPIS Council – 9th April, Malta - Save the Date
02-03-2011CEPIS Professional e-Competence Project: 2,000 ICT Professionals
01-03-2011Consultation: Improving the EU Research and Innovation Funding Process
28-02-2011Europe’s Innovation Performance lags Behind USA and Japan
27-02-2011Consultation on eID, eAuthentication and eSignatures
26-02-2011Safer Internet: Statistics show almost one third of Internet users get a Virus
25-02-2011eGovernment Report: More Public Services Online Saves Costs and Cuts Red Tape
24-02-2011Mid-Year Progress Report from High-Level Expert Group on Key Enabling Technologies
17-01-2011Read the latest issue of CEPIS UPGRADE!
16-01-2011German CEPIS Member Society GI Present Ten Points on Secure Cloud Computing
15-01-2011EU2020: Ten-Year Strategy to Enhance Vocational Education and Training in Europe
14-01-2011EC Outlines 2011 Lifelong Learning Programme Strategy
13-01-2011EQANIE Conference 2011 – 17th – 18th February - Registration Still Open!
10-01-2011ECDL National Operators & CEPIS Members Pledge Action in the Digital Agenda for Europe
09-01-2011BWINF: A Synergetic GI Initiative to Attract Young People to Informatics
08-01-2011Dansk IT Invites You to "GOTO Copenhagen"
07-01-2011Poland & Portugal have Highest Rates of Social Networking Usage
06-01-2011New EQANIE Brochure Now Available!
05-01-2011Invitation to the “Women in Science, Innovation & Technology in the Digital Age” Conference
04-01-2011ENISA Work Programme 2011