Proper Cybersecurity Training Could Reduce Incidents by 50%, ENISA Reports

cybersecurityThe EU Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) has published its 5th Annual Cyber-Threat Landscape Report – the summary of the main cyber-threats of 2016. The report summarizes the threats, showcases the achievements of the defenders and analyses attackers’ motivation, techniques and practices. According to ENISA, although a significant amount of attacks was political, the attacks have been primarily focussed on monetary gains, using phishing, ransomware, insider threat and physical manipulation/damage/loss/theft. User awareness could consequently significantly reduce the number of incidents. Better ways of obtaining information about best practices in cybersecurity to the end users must be found. The report also recommends acquainting executive management with cyber-threat intelligence, addressing the security vs. privacy dilemma and promoting dissemination of good practices on all levels.

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