European Parliament Adopts Resolution on New Skills Agenda for Europe

european_parliamentThe European Parliament has adopted the final text of a resolution that welcomes the European Commission’s New Skills Agenda for Europe. In the resolution, the Parliament argues that education and training in Europe need to keep pace with changes in society and technology, and calls for access to skills development for all.

The resolution notes that the New Skills Agenda should focus on the skills that the labour market demands, and highlights the importance of anticipating future skills needs. On digital skills specifically, the resolution argues that digital and media literacy, and critical thinking, are essential components, and that the development of these areas can help people to become, “active creators, innovators, and responsible citizens in a digitised world.”

Separately, the European Parliament has also published a report on the state of implementation of the New Skills Agenda. The report indicates that all ten key actions are on track, including the Commission’s proposal revising the European Qualifications Framework, the Upskilling Pathways initiative, and the launch of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. More information is available on the website of the European Parliament.