Is Digitalisation a Risk?


A new opinion paper, published by the European Economic & Social Committee, has examined the way that work is changing. The paper points out the many forms of atypical work that are developing, and identifies associated social risks, like loss of jobs.

Digitalisation is an accepted inevitability within the EU, with many initiatives, such as the Digital Single Market, aimed at harnessing its potential economic power. But considering the potential downsides of digitalisation, the paper argues that these risks should be dealt with using coordinated efforts from all stakeholders.

Along with digitalisation, automation and robots are having an increasing impact on work. While they have the potential to boost the economy in an ageing society, they are also affecting jobs: it is, therefore, essential that dialogues on this point take place at an early stage before the problems come to fruition. The paper also notes that in the future, lifelong learning and professional training will be a necessity for everyone, but those long-term developments, such as addressing the digital skills gap in youth populations, can best be tackled through general education.

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