European Council Calls for Action on Making Europe Digital

CoEThe European Council discussed the need for a Digital Europe at its summit on 19 October. The meeting, attended by heads of state and government from all EU Member states, called for a number of measures to be taken to ensure that Europe becomes more digital.

Specifically, EU leaders set out nine measures: ensuring that government and the public sector lead by example in the use of digital technology; completing the Digital Single Market Strategy and other key “future-oriented” regulatory steps; creating “first rate” infrastructure and communications networks, through extensive EU-level cooperation and legislative action; implementing the European Commission’s cyber-security proposals; countering online crime and terrorism; investing in digital skills to equip the workforce for digital technologies; putting more effort into R&D and investment; addressing emerging trends, such as artificial intelligence; and ensuring that the taxation system is effective and fair.

More information about the meeting can be found on the website of the European Council.