Arnheiður Guðmundsdóttir

arnheidurArnheidur Gudmundsdottir is the Managing Director of Sky, the Icelandic Computer Society established in 1968. “There isn’t a single path when it comes to ICT careers, the possibilities are endless, ICT is a perfect choice for young girls looking for a professional challenge”, she says.  “As an ICT professional you get to work in many different sectors, from healthcare to car manufacturing, and you can meet all kinds of interesting people”, explains Arnheidur.

More importantly, working as an ICT professional is very rewarding according to Arnheidur: “You can make every day life better and easier for everyone by contributing to the development of technology, having such a positive impact on society is very motivating in your career”. In addition to that, Arnheidur sees other benefitsArnQuote1 of evolving in the ICT field: “You often get to work in a creative environment and there is a very good work/life balance. Having three children has not affected my career at all!”.

 “To succeed in an ICT career a certain level of technical skills is always required but what is really important is the ability to understand how businesses operate”, says Arnheidur. “Being open-minded and willing to learn every day are other crucial qualities in order to thrive in an ICT career”, she adds.

Arnheidur discovered the world of IT in college when she took her first course in programming. She then continued her studies in computer science and holds a degree in Applied Computing. Arnheidur was oneArnQuote1 of the first women in Iceland to be certified as an International Certified Project Manager from IPMA. And she got an MBA degree in 2010 and that closed the circle for her, for now at least.

At the Icelandic Computer Society she spends a lot of time planning and organising events about ICT. “I really enjoy communicating my passion for ICT, it is important to show people how ICT can change their life, their business and their career”.

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