Daniela Rovina


Daniela Rovina works at AICA, the Italian Computer Society. Daniela started to develop a strong interest for ICT at the beginning of her career. As a graduate in statistics and in economics, she acquired ICT skills on the job while working for large international companies. “Being one of the few women working in the ICT field can sometimes make you feel a bit special”, she comments.

DanielaDanielaQuote1’s advice to young women considering a career in ICT is to work smart and be innovative. “Working in the ICT sector requires creativity, in-depth analytical skills and an overall strong sense of logic”, she says. Daniela believes that the sector offers many opportunities for women willing to advance in their career: “ICT is a unique and challenging sector to work in: ICT is a driver of innovation and technology completely changes every two years on average”.

“My job is multi-faceted and this I why I am really passionate about it: I handle relationDanielaQuote1s with media on ICT issues and organise all kinds of events, I define and implement the organisation’s communications strategy, and I’m also responsible for managing the website and the newsletter”, she explains.

When asked about the best part of her job, Daniela doesn’t hesitate for a second: “Creativity in implement projects and strategies! ICT is a fast-paced environment, so it’s very important to be able to take up new challenges and to turn unexpected problems in opportunities”, she says.

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