Maria-Isabel Sanchez-Segura

MaribelSanchezMaria-Isabel Sanchez-Segura is a Professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid  where she teaches graduate and postgraduate courses on different topics related to computer science including software engineering, project management and design, and software reuse.


Helping women start ICT studies and career is extremely important for her: “I give academic and career advice to students in my own country and abroad, I believe it’s my duty to help young women visualise what ICT can do for them and what they can do for ICT”.

She strongly believes that women have a big role to play in ICT: “Women have the passion, the creativity and the tenacity needed to make the ICT field evolve”. “The skills you need to be a successful women in ICT are not so different than elsewhere: leadership, collaborative work, the art of listening and creativity”, Maria-Isabel adds.

Would she jump in a time machine and change her career choice? “Never, I love my job and I would choose the same career again. What I really enjoy the most is interacting with people that are soon to be working in the ICT field; it’s like a breath of fresh air everyday”, explains Maria-Isabel.MaribelQuote1

“In 1989 I started to”. Maria-Isabel’s motivation is more than ever valid, the sector hasn’t stopped growing and with ICT becoming an essential part of our economy and society the demand of ICT professional is booming.

Maria-Isabel is involved in many projects and in the organisation of international conferences. “I manage a group of researchers and I develop research and industrial projects, I have the opportunity to travel around the world to present research results at conferences and other events, it’s very exciting”.

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