Sonja Hof

ValentinaCiriani3SSonja Quote2onja Hof works as a team leader for a large insurance company in Switzerland. "The best part of my job is without a doubt the interaction, the challenges, the never-ending focus on ensuring that what you and your team are doing contributes to achieving set goals”, she says.                    

For Sonja the versatility of ICT careers is unmatched by any other sector: “Working in ICT gives the opportunity to explore many different areas as ICT touches upon all economic sectors.  It also enables you to meet a lot of interesting and talented people. Try it it’s worth it”.

Sonja Quote1“Trust, competence, and quality are the most important qualities to thrive as a team leader. If you enjoy every moment of your work, and got a deep desire to learn, things will move on naturally and your success is guaranteed”, explains Sonja. 

It’s around the age of 16 that Sonja developed her interest in ICT. “I was told that technical studies were too complicated for girls, I wanted to debunk this myth and prove that women too can succeed in ICT”, she explains. Sonja now holds a degree and a PhD in computer science from the University of Linz

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