Christine Regitz

regitz_thumbnailChristine Regitz is Vice President of Product Management in a large European software company. “I work with customers to understand their needs, then I analyse their feedback, prioritise it and take it into account to shape products”, she explains.

When asked about how she feels as a woman in ICT, Christine answers positively: “It’s a good feeling, you can show that ICT is not rocket science and that it is not only for men. I consider myself as a role model because I have a career in ICT although I didn’t study ICT. It shows that anyone who is motivated can make it in ICT”.

Christine values the interdisciplinary nature of ICT: “Many fields in ICT are related to human problems such as health so by working in ICT you get to help people. It’s important that young girls realise that ICT can contribute to make the world a betterchristineQuote2 place. While it’s essential to acquire basic skills and knowledge in informatics, once you have them you can start improving products or developing new ones”.

She describes her job as being very social: “I collaborate with people with very different skills in order to bring together business and technical requirements. You need to be able to talk at the same time to software architects and your customers. In general working in ICT requires communication and team work, you’re not sitting down alone in a cellar”, explains Christine. christineQuote2

Christine developed an interest in ICT when she was in secondary school. “I took a voluntary course on ICT to learn the basics of informatics. I was always interested in maths and physics, so ICT was a natural step to me”. She then continued her studies in business economics: “I have a degree in business administration which included courses on ICT and maths. I wanted to have a broad understanding of how companies work and how to solve problems with maths and ICT”.

Christine also studied physics in parallel: “My studies in physics also contributed to expand my horizons and I would like to encourage young people to study an additional field that inspires them without necessarily aiming for graduation”.

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