The Digital Agenda for Europe

The European Commission's ‘A Digital Agenda for Europe' has just been published. The Agenda, once implemented, will greatly contribute to Europe's economic growth and to the new digital era for all European citizens.

A lack of digital literacy and e-skills together with substandard innovation and research efforts being carried out are just some of the seven obstacles identified. After each obstacle the Agenda includes ‘key actions' that the Commission, Member States, and stakeholders will undertake to tackle the problem. Providing funding for digital literacy initiatives through the European Social Fund is one solution, encouraging every government in Europe to develop long-term digital literacy policies is another. Developing a European Framework for Professionalism by 2012 is also proposed along with promoting higher participation among young women in ICT related jobs and careers.

The principal goals of the Digital agenda will include the following:  

  • Create a Digital Single Market
  • Boosting internet trust and security
  • More investment in research and development
  • Enhancing digital literacy skills and inclusion
  • Apply information and communications technologies to address challenges like climate change and the ageing population

The main objective of the Digital Agenda is to guide Europe in the right direction to maximise the social and economic potential of ICT and create a successful and sustainable knowledge economy.

Click here to view the Digital Agenda