CEPIS Professional e-Competence European Report Published

The European report on Professional e-Competence has now been published. Almost 2000 IT professionals from across 28 countries in greater Europe participated in this pioneering research.

Based on the findings, CEPIS has provided conclusions and key recommendations including that:

  • promoting the IT profession among young people is essential
  • all countries urgently need to address the gender imbalance within the IT profession
  • career paths with defined training & education requirements are needed
  • the European e-Competence Framework should be applied as a pan-European reference tool to categorise competences
  • continuous professional development is greatly needed and should be targeted to existing and predicted e-competence gaps

Download the CEPIS Professional e-Competence - European Report

CEPIS has also created a brochure containing an executive summary of the entire research process, national results, European results, and the key recommendations and conclusions in full. We encourage Member Societies to disseminate this brochure (as well as the European report) via their websites, social networks and throughout their societies. Hard copies of the brochure will be provided to Members at the November Council meeting.

Download the Summary Brochure

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