CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark to be Launched in Support of Grand Coalition

grand_coalition_launch_fionaCEPIS announces its pledge to launch the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark to help reducing skills mismatches and gaps in support of European Commission's Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. The Grand Coalition is a multi-stakeholder partnership to address the skills shortages, mismatches and vacancies of ICT practitioners in Europe today. The CEPIS pledge to Grand Coalition is as follows:

CEPIS and Europe’s National Professional Informatics Societies to Launch the CEPIS e-competence Benchmark in Support of the European Commission’s Grand Coalition

The increasing demand for ICT Practitioners is hampered not only by the lack of new entrants into the profession, but also by the mismatches in the competences that Practitioners have today.  While ICT provides crisis-resistant employment, Europe currently isn't producing the talent with the right skills to boost competitiveness. The ICT professional bodies and informatics societies that are the members of CEPIS recognise need to reduce the gap between supply and demand and commit to taking action to redress the balance and promote ICT Professionalism. 

We pledge to launch the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark, this will be an online interactive tool for current and future ICT professionals to identify the competences they need/lack for various ICT roles, thus enabling them to adapt to labour market demand. The CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark will enable individuals and recruiters around Europe and beyond the EU 27, to map their competences against a range of profiles and better equip themselves for future roles and employment.  It will allow companies to benchmark entire departments, identify workforce gaps and plan accordingly. proffesionals IT

It is powered by the European e-Competence Framework the common language for ICT competences created by the CEN workshop on ICT skills and therefore provides a standard upon which Europeans can better understand what is needed for their current and future IT roles based on the ICT Professional Profiles developed by CEN.

Each person who takes the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark will receive a competence gap analysis based on their declared abilities and matched to suitable roles.  This will provide an individualised report to steer their professional development and facilitate their future training and education decisions.

A national report will be produced for each participating county that will aggregate the information for that country, producing a snapshot of the ICT professional landscape. This report will provide information to support policy making, as well as update information for the training industry on market needs.

A European level report will bring together all of the data from throughout Europe and provide a basic for policy recommendations on future actions to support the ongoing development of the ICT Profession.

The CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark will be made freely available.  It will also be promoted through the European network of informatics societies to individuals and companies to facilitate usage of the e-CF and better career pathways within the ICT profession

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