European e-Competence Framework Pledge in Support of Grand Coalition


CEPIS supports the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) Pledge to promote the e-CF as a common language for ICT competences and to foster the adoption of the e-CF as a European Standard. The e-CF is a reference framework of 36 ICT competences that can be used and understood by ICT user and supply companies, the public sector, educational and social partners across Europe. This framework has been developed in the context of the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills which is chaired by CEPIS.


European e-Competence Framework Pledge


The companies, associations and bodies undersigned, in responding to the call of Vice President Kroes to show commitment and leadership, wish to underline their commitment in creating a pan-European framework for ICT Professionalism and working together to reduce unemployment and skills mismatches.

The signatories recognise the importance of the European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) and the need for establishing the e-CF as a standard.

Therefore, they support all the efforts made at national level to promote the adoption and take-up of the e-CF and commit to encourage, when and if possible, the creation of national roundtables to foster the adoption of the e-CF.
At the same, the signatories promote broader participation in the work of the CEN Workshop on ICT Skills and support the efforts to transform the e-CF into an official European standard.

In the meantime, they also support the work to set-up a pan-European platform which would enable the entire ecosystem to plan, adopt, adapt and prepare in context of certainty and equal footing.