Funding Opportunities: Cybersecurity – Management, Response, Building Resilience

European CommissionTwo calls for tender will open soon under Horizon2020 focus area of boosting the effectiveness of the Security Union. The first will be a call on Dynamic Countering of Cyber-attacks. It will open on 15 March 2018. Proposals should be focused on one of two topics: 1) Cyber-attacks management - advanced assurance and protection, 2) Cyber-attacks management – advanced response and recovery.

The second call for tenders will be on Building Blocks for Resilience in Evolving ICT Systems. It is planned to open on 29 July 2018. Proposals are invited against at least one of the following three subtopics: 1) Cybersecurity/privacy audit, certification and standardisation; 2) Trusted supply chains of ICT systems, and 3) Designing and developing privacy-friendly and secure software and hardware.

The links above provide more information on deadlines, eligibility, budgets and other important data.