European Parliament Highlights Importance of ICT Skills in Lifelong Learning

european_parliamentIn line with the new priorities for European cooperation in education and training through to 2020 (ET2020), the European Parliament adopted a resolution on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) for lifelong learning, in December last year. The document stresses the importance of ICT skills and calls for introduction of structural measures to help people to acquire and validate such skills.

In the resolution, the European Parliament emphasises the need for furthering the EQF – a framework for recognition, evaluation and referencing of skills and qualifications on a pan-European level. According to the resolution, an easy and uniform way to identify and match skills that are available and in demand would enormously benefit society and the economy. Member States should put more effort into making the recognition of qualifications quicker and easier, and into linking them to the relevant EQF levels. The European Union, on its side, should enable all citizens to make their skills and competences more visible and better recognised. This applies also to skills not acquired through official courses, but learned some other way, such as volunteering or self-teaching.