Big Gaps Between Perception and Reality of Digital Skills Found According to New ECDL Foundation Report

ECDL Foundation logoNew research by ECDL Foundation confirms that people consistently overestimate their digital skills. The latest edition of the Perception and Reality report, published earlier this month, brings together research from five countries in Europe, as well as Singapore and India. Significant digital skills gaps exist in all of the countries featured in the report, including among young people.

The key finding is that self-assessment is a poor measure of digital skills. To gain a real understanding of a person’s digital skills, a diploma or certificate is necessary. In addition to this, the study also provided an insight into the skill levels of different groups in society. Notably, despite the widespread assumption that younger people instinctively understand technology, practical testing showed no digital skills advantage for younger age groups.

The report includes an opinion piece from CEPIS on accurate measurement of digital competence, emphasizing the importance of high-quality education and the fact that digital competences should be measured more empirically.

More information about the findings of the report is available on ECDL Foundation website, where you can also download a copy of the report.