European Commission Publishes New Study on Women in Tech

European CommissionThe European Commission marked International Women’s Day by publishing a new study on Women in the Digital Age. The study identifies the gender gap in the digital sphere and illustrates how the gap has increased since 2011.

The study provides useful facts on the gender gap in Europe and presents four key findings on the topic:

1. The study identifies that there has been a decrease in women taking up ICT related higher education when compared to 2011.

2. The study found that the share of men working in the digital sector is 3.1 times greater than the share of women.

3. The study shows that the annual loss in productivity caused by women leaving their digital jobs, to become inactive, is about €16.2 billion.

4. The study showed that while women owned start-ups are more likely to succeed, there has been a decrease in investment in the entrepreneurial digital sector.

Finally, the report reflects the growing concerns for women in Europe’s digital sphere, and it demonstrates the need to make this issue a priority.

The full report can be found on the Commission’s website.