European Comission to Establish Expert Group on AI

European CommissionThe European Commission has called for the establishment of an expert group on artificial intelligence, on 9 March 2018. The group’s composition will represent a broad range of stakeholders, such as businesses, academics, policymakers, consumer organisations, trade unions, and other representatives of civil society.

The group will aim to provide advice on AI-related challenges and opportunities, to support the Commission in further engagement and outreach mechanisms with stakeholders, and to propose a set of AI ethics guidelines. Furthermore, over the coming months, the group will also be responsible for developing a comprehensive European strategy on AI.

The high-level expert group will also serve as a steering group for the new European AI Alliance, a multi-stakeholder forum to engage in a broad and open discussion of all aspects of AI development and its impact on the economy and society.

The deadline for applications to join the group is on 9 April 2018, and the procedure on how to apply can be found in “APPLICATION PROCEDURE” section of the call.

See the full article on the Commission’s website.