CEDEFOP Evaluates Qualification Frameworks in Europe

CEDEFOP has published a new briefing note on qualifications frameworks, which provides an overview of the progress achieved in 2017 and outlines the challenges that remain. Qualification frameworks are based on learning outcomes, and they are designed to define and link the credit values of different qualifications.

In the briefing note, CEDEFOP evaluates the usefulness of qualification frameworks and examines how they have been received in their home countries. The report does this by examining the development of qualifications frameworks across the EU and makes several recommendations to improve their effectiveness.

The recommendations in the briefing note include: promoting a holistic approach to qualifications, integrating non-formal qualifications, promoting stakeholder cooperation, validating non-formal and informal learning, making higher VET more visible, triggering institutional reforms, supporting VET cross-border mobility, and increasing the visibility of qualifications frameworks to reach more end users.

The full briefing note can be read on the website of CEDEFOP.