DESI data highlights concerning lack of digital skills across Europe

European CommissionThe latest edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) has been published by the European Commission. DESI summarises key indicators on the continent’s digital performance, including on digital skills, providing a tool to track progress of Member States in digital competitiveness.

The latest edition of the Index highlights the general low level of digital skills across Europe, with 43% of people in Europe lacking a sufficient level of digital skills, and 17% having none at all. When looking at the active workforce in Europe, 35% lacked “at least basic digital skills”, with the highest percentage of workers without these skills in Romania and Bulgaria, and the lowest percentage in Denmark and Sweden.

The data shown in DESI emphasises the importance of efforts to develop the digital skills of workers across the continent, in order to ensure that Europe remains digitally competitive in the world.

The full Index can be viewed on the website of the European Commission.