Strong demand for digital skills in Australia as country risks being left behind in global digital race

2018’s edition of the Australian Computer Society (ACS) ‘Digital Pulse’ report has forecasted that Australia will need an additional 100,000 tech workers by 2023, to keep up with the demand for digital skills. The report finds that Australia is standing still when measured for international competitiveness, without any movement over the last five years in the race to digitalise the economy. The President of ACS, Yohan Ramasundara, states that the Australian education and training sectors should be invigorated to increase their ICT talent pool. 

He adds that investing in the country’s cyber capabilities would create new opportunities for innovation, job creation and economic growth. According to Program Manager at the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network, Mike Bareja, Australia’s strengths include a leading research and academic sector in cyber-related technologies such as crypto, quantum, IoT and smart cities. 

The full article can be found on Business Insider Australia’s website