New report by Capgemini shows countries’ ‘AI readiness’

Capgemini has released a new report placing a range of countries in an ‘AI Readiness Benchmark’, which indicates adequacy of a country’s institutional environment, as well as degree of technological maturity and skill advancement.

According to their findings the Netherlands are the most AI ready, with a score of over 450 points, while Bulgaria features last. The report also shows an ‘AI Performance Benchmark’, which shows that the United States have the highest performance in AI, with Germany and the UK at second and third place, respectively.

It is clear from the benchmarks that large differences in AI readiness and performance exist between countries, and the report goes on to suggest specific policy changes that may help achieve better results, including raising awareness by intensively experimenting with AI and decreasing the skills gap between the general workforce and the one specific to AI.

The full report can be found on Capgemini’s website.