5 ways digital technology is changing childhood

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published an article listing 5 key factors by which the smartphone and other devices are reshaping children’s lives. These include:

1. physical changes, related to bad posture and low levels of activity

2. rewiring the brain with apps and videos with addictive designs

3. enhanced spatial reasoning by the effects of video games

4. changing definition of childhood with the new responsibilities of navigating through mature environments on social media

5. crowdsourcing youths’ mental health by discussing in forums online, which makes them more open, direct and free.

The Council of Europe also recently issued recommendations on children's rights in the digital environment, which establishes the limits of children’s consent to use of their data. Simultaneously, a guide for parents on how to monitor children's digital development, was published by the Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ) Institute, in association with the World Economic Forum.

More information can be found on WEF’s website.