More women in tech is also “a business case”

On 25 September, CEPIS attended a debate on Gender in Tech, organised by the European Internet Forum. The panel featured officials from the European Commission and Parliament, as well as industry and NGO representatives. The participants shared the views on the main reasons why there is a lack of women professionals in the ICT field. Unconscious bias, inflexible working conditions and the image of the profession as ‘not for women’ were named as the main challenges.

The participants emphasised the need for role models, awareness-raising and policies to improve work conditions and promotion prospects for women. The European Parliament representative stressed that more women professionals in the ICT sector, especially in top positions, would also be very beneficial to the European economy, since it is proven that diverse boards in companies correlate to better performance. Women are also a huge untapped talent pool, and attracting and retaining more women to the profession would help minimise the gap of supply and demand for ICT professionals in Europe. This ties in exactly with the conclusions and recommendations of the CEPIS Women in ICT Task Force.

Take a look at the CEPIS infographic  for some interesting figures, and read our policy proposals on attracting and retaining women professionals in this position paper.