10.9 million people reached by upskilling activities of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

European CommissionBetween December 2016 and July 2018, members of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition offered 10.9 million Europeans a chance to improve their digital skills, according to a recent result overview.

In total, 7.4 million digital skills trainings were provided, 1.9 million certifications delivered, while 1.6 million people were reached through awareness-raising campaigns. The report also notes that 23 National Coalitions are now working on the ground, promoting digital skills policies and actions. Until now, 102 members have pledged their support to the Coalition, including CEPIS, and taken concrete actions to provide Europeans with more, and better, digital skills. The "Pledge viewer" website collects information about the progress of the pledges, which may be found here.

More information on the recent results can be found on the Commission’s website.