CEDEFOP launches new tool for evaluating skills systems on a national level

cedefopOn 27 September, CEPIS attended the European Skills Index (ESI) launch event. The ESI is a new tool to evaluate countries’ skills systems’ performance. The Index consists of three pillars: skills development, skills activation, and skills matching. It covers not only people’s skills and competences, but also factors like integration into the job market, which groups of the population are economically active, and how well people’s skills match the labour market demands and people’s own expectations.

The main results from the study based on the ESI showed that the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden and Luxembourg scored highest in the overall effectiveness on their skills systems. Half of the EU countries, mostly eastern, central and western Europe, achieved scores in the mid-range, and countries from the south and south-east scored below 45 out of 100.

Thanks to its structure, the ESI allows countries to see which areas they need to focus on to improve their skills systems, and provides information for informed policy-making.

Explore the methodology and findings of the ESI on the CEDEFOP website.